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We Specialize In Building Envelope Consulting And Testing Services

Facade cladding failures are a leading cause of building construction problems and claims after construction is completed. Bringing an expert into your Design Team early in the design process helps avoid cladding design deficiencies. BES’s consultants quickly pinpoint problem areas and resolve technical issues before they become building failures.

Construction documents are reviewed, and discussions are made with the Project Management team related to any concerns or possible need for detail alterations due to sequencing issues or failures during the laboratory mock up, field mock up or other tests performed during the pre-construction phase.

BES performs site observations during construction as a quality assurance measure. BES attends preconstruction coordination meetings with subcontractors prior to start of building envelope installations. Site observations are to document the installation of building enclosure systems, and detailed reports are prepared addressing any non-compliant issues with the Contract Documents and the Owner’s Project Requirements. BES also provides field testing services, and prepare detailed photographic reports documenting test protocol and test results.

As an independent third-party test agency, we remain unbiased and neutral throughout the testing process. We are brought in to provide test results that detail whether the products and systems installed on a project were installed according to accepted trade practices, and also, to determine whether or not the products and systems are able to pass both air and water intrusion tests as outlined in AAMA test standards and ASTM test methods.

We have completed literally hundreds of projects with multiple building envelope water entry failures giving us a unique perspective based on factual knowledge derived from our forensic probing/testing of your building(s).

We pride ourselves on providing thorough, prompt and competitively priced services which include: Investigation, Testing, Planning & Report Preparation, Specifications & Drawings, Bidding & Bid Analysis, Contract Negotiation, Project Administration Construction Monitoring and Condition Surveys, etc. Our specialized services include: Building Envelope Restoration, and Roofing and Waterproofing

Storm damage assessment is a process that follows any major storm event. Homes and other structures along the Gulf Coast damaged by recent storm. Building Enclosure Specialists can help determine cause of damage for insurance companies, adjusters, and homeowners. We can assess if damages were the result of: Pre-existing conditions, Maintenance, Improper construction or design, and Wind-driven rain

Specialized in exterior envelope design and construction, Building Enclosure Specialists, (BES) has extensive knowledge of windows, roofing systems, curtain walls and any portion of your facility controlling your air quality and moisture prevention. Learn what steps can be taken to repair & restore your existing facility to perform as intended in the original design.

We Specialize In Building Envelope Consulting And Testing Services

From the initial design phases to overseeing construction processes and providing specialized industry standard testing services, Building Enclosure Specialists keeps all your project needs in mind.

We are driven by a true understanding of building performance systems. Our goal is to reach the pinnacle of construction and architecture excellence in all we do.

Move forward in your project with confidence by choosing some of the most qualified and experienced individuals in the building science community.

We have no doubt that honesty, integrity, and commitment to the people we serve have been the secrets to our success.

For all your building performance needs, our team offers consulting and testing services. Reach out to us now to request proposals.