We pride ourselves on providing thorough, prompt and competitively priced services which include: Investigation, Testing, Planning & Report Preparation, Specifications & Drawings, Bidding & Bid Analysis, Contract Negotiation, Project Administration Construction Monitoring and Condition Surveys.

Our specialized services include:

  • Building Envelope Restoration
  • Roofing and Waterproofing

We understand that Owning or Managing a property can be challenging and time consuming, As the Owner’s Representative, we act as the liaison between all outside parties and the Owner, assisting in the coordination of all project tasks, meetings and financials, while providing our expertise and industry knowledge in order to free up more valuable time for our clients.

We ensure the Owner’s interest is top priority by setting upfront requirements for planning and budgeting prior to project commencement. Throughout the duration of the project our team manages all aspects including Design and Bidding Documents, RFPs/RFIs, Schedules, Building Department Documents & Permits, Progress Reports, Vendor Invoices and Final Payments. BES’s presence on-site prior to, during and post-construction ensures optimal coordination and project efficiency.

Our extensive knowledge of various types of construction materials and the latest technology in restoration allows us to assist our clients in choosing the correct system for their individual needs. Our familiarity with the manufacturers’ installation procedures, as well as, the qualifications and performance of many General Contractors, is an asset in ensuring quality results during the construction phase of projects.

Our specialized services include:

From investigation and analysis through design implementation, best practice principles and practical solutions are the focus of every restoration project. Our extensive knowledge of various construction materials and manufacturers’ installation procedures enables us to recommend the most appropriate and sustainable rehabilitation systems.

Our professional design services encompass a wide range of exterior elements, including:

  • Roofs
  • Below grade waterproofing systems
  • Balcony waterproofing systems
  • Windows and Doors waterproofing integrations
  • Waterproofing Terrace Decks
  • Waterproofing Plaza Decks
  • Curtain wall systems
  • Cladding Systems
  • Sealants and Coatings
  • All your waterproofing needs


Clients respect our philosophy of “staying ahead” of the project, where a concerted effort is made to anticipate and solve problems before they occur. During the construction phase of a project, Project Managers perform frequent on-site observations of the work in progress to ensure complete adherence to design and contract requirements.

BES applies its full complement of design consulting, detailing, and technical specification writing services for remediation or full replacement of exterior facade, roofing and waterproofing systems.

  • Preliminary investigation and testing of existing systems and building structure prior to execution of remediation or recladding design
  • Review of architect’s design documents
  • Evaluation and recommendation of materials and finished, system type/design theory, sealants and minimums code requirements
  • Detail development and drafting for incorporation into design documents
  • Preparation of bid documents, and analysis of bid packages after bidding
  • Review and comment on procedures and construction sequencing
  • Review of subcontractor shop drawings and technical submittals for conformance with design intent
  • Observation of repairs or new system installation, including reporting
  • Field testing for performance, resistance to water penetration, and air infiltration

BES Condition Survey / Due Diligence

This observation led to a service for property owners that includes one-time or annual building envelope condition surveys. Our experience is that hands-on examinations of the exterior building systems providing early detection of existing deficiencies and maintenance requirements but can also aid in assessing the future maintenance needs of the building.

Scope of Services Include: ▼

  • Review of existing Architectural drawings and shop drawing documents, if available.
  • Review of previous condition studies reports or other relevant Client documents.
  • Examine the exterior envelope systems for deterioration and performance issues.
  • Prepare a detailed, written, photographic report of observations.

After building envelope condition is established, BES: ▼

  • Develops procedural recommendations, details and specifications for repair/remediation.
  • Performs bid review and contract administration for Quality assurance during the repair cycle.
  • Provides site observations and written photographic reports.

A typical building envelope condition survey may include the following: ▼

  •  Coordination and notification of access to owners/tenants
  • Multiple versions of vertical access including swing stage scaffolding, Ariel lifts, and roof access
  • Inspection of exterior cladding system(s)
  • Inspection of existing sealants
  • Inspection of decks and deck interfaces
  • Inspection of windows and doors (visual and/or water testing)
  •  Inspection of various penetrations and appurtenances through the building envelope
  •  Visual inspection of roof components, membranes, and flashings
  • Inspection of concrete portions of the structure including garage areas
  • Provide digital photo documentation of the existing conditions and findings
  • Provide written report documenting the survey findings and recommendations
  • Upon request provide separate proposal to perform agreed upon repairs

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