Review the construction documents. Discuss with Project Management Team any concerns or possible need for detail alterations due to sequencing issues or failures during the laboratory mock up, field mock up or other tests performed during the pre-construction phase.

Conduct additional field testing as required if failures occur during the laboratory mock up, field mock up, or the field tests performed during the construction phase. Additional testing may also be needed if substitutions of materials and systems are accepted during the construction submittal phase.

Conduct field review of the aesthetic and performance of mock-up(s). Review of the unique interface conditions with differing materials to verify they meet the design intent and will provide the performance levels and functionality of the building enclosure as specified in the contract documents.

Mock-ups construction and testing must be scheduled with float time allowed for the remediation of unforeseen issues by way of iterative repair submittals and field performance testing of the mock up repairs prior to actual construction.

Thoroughly review submittals, including shop drawing(s), mockups, initial installation, sample constructions, project schedule and sequencing, and all building enclosure components allowing for revisions as necessary to provide the level of performance as specified in the contract documents.

Develop project specific checklists related to the installation of components and systems that comprise the building enclosure.

Implement an Issues / Non-Conformance Log (AOC) process including discussion of Non-Conformances at the Owner/Architect/ Contractor (OAC) project weekly progress and coordination meetings and routine building enclosure team meetings, development of reports resulting from construction observations, field testing, issues / non-conformances, and formal documentation of the resolution for work of Issues / Non-Conformance AOC logs.

Conduct construction observation of building enclosure systems, at initial installation of work, milestone observations throughout construction, performance testing and verification of components and systems, interfaces and whole building performance test (if required).

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