Did you know that regular building envelope inspections and testing help property owners extend the lives of their buildings? It’s true. BES’s unbiased third-party consulting services help identify problem areas and our staff provides valuable recommendations for building repair, maintenance, and budget estimates to help our clients plan and care for their facilities.

Our New Construction Services greatly reduce the future risk of moisture intrusion, which can lead to mold, indoor air quality issues and other financial and health related risks for owners and property managers.

Our firm provides project and contract administration support to our clients by providing project specific bid documents that outline the repairs needed to mitigate systemic system or system component material failures related to the building enclosure systems identified during forensic investigations. The knowledge and expertise of our senior staff have served to support our clients’ needs as an expert witness related to project litigation support. For further information regarding litigation support services please contact our corporate office directly.

Our firm provides Design Plan Review Specific to the building enclosure on a majority of our projects. We work closely with the Architect of record, developers, general contractors, sub-contractors and property management firms. Our plan review department conducts a project plan peer review of the building enclosure systems, cross section details, system shop drawings, specification reviews and material submittal review selections. Our services focus on and aim to provide general guidance and a summary of our comments and recommendations related but not limited to constructability , waterproofing details integration, overall wall performance, cladding drainage and drying mechanisms, continuity of systems, flashings, roof systems, below grade waterproofing systems, window and door detail integrations, thermal performance of enclosure components and systems. Our comments and recommendations are driven by industry compliance standards, manufacture installation requirements for product specific materials or individual system installed, adopted model building code and adopted energy building codes specific to the geographic location of each project.

As part of the Design Team, our clients also utilize our expertise for Construction Phase Services. Our firm conducts frequent site observations inspections for the purpose of verifying in progress system and material installations specific to the building enclosure systems.

Our site services include photo documentation and reporting of our site observations for the purpose of verifying product or system installation compliance with current industry standards, project specific plan details and material manufacture installation requirements. Our observation report provides the Project Management Team with immediate notification of potential issues requiring corrective action prior to completion of material or system installations of each building component or building component layer. Our reporting and action item tracking process minimizes potential building system or component failures by working with the general contractor and sub-contractor trades to ensure these items are corrected during the appropriate phase of construction and sequencing.

Our firm has recently developed an aerial Drone Site Inspection program to ensure we are looking at the building structures wall elevations and roof elevations of the building structure that do not have immediate access. These services include digital photography and Infrared technologies and are available upon request. Additional fees may apply.

We specialize in field testing services related to the building enclosure systems for the purpose of performance verification for both new and existing building structures. Our team is well versed in the proper use of specified industry standard for field test methods and we work with the project management team to provide a testing plan for various types of wall/roof construction based upon the specified filed test procedures.

Our project portfolio consists of thousands of projects spread out across the southwestern and southeastern United States.

Our Mission Statement

“Provide professional services to all of our clients based on accurate information that helps you or your company make the right decision regarding your project or asset.”

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